My Ayurvedic morning routine

The most recent Circadian Medicine research suggests that human genes have lost the ability to perceive and stay in tune with the circadian rhythms of nature. (1) Which to me, totally makes sense. We live super fast-paced lifestyles and we are constantly surrounded with endless distractions which make us even more disconnected with our true … Continue reading My Ayurvedic morning routine

10 things you should know before pursuing your dream job

I don't know what your dream job is, and this post has to do a lot with modeling and intagram-ing, but I think it's applicable to anyone who wants to start with anything. Not too long ago, when I finished my bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, I've decided that I can not do a regular 9 … Continue reading 10 things you should know before pursuing your dream job

How to monetize your passion?

(Notes that I wrote down from different podcasts on this topic) It turns out it is pretty simple, as soon as you answer a few important questions for yourself and then take an action straight away! Before we dig in, please note that with this whole »analysis-paralysy« thingy that's probably going through your mind, a … Continue reading How to monetize your passion?

Feeling The Pressure?

In our current society, the signs and symptoms of anxiety are alarmingly common. Yoga and meditation have long been linked to reducing stress, but it can really actually help? The yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) have been calming jittery minds and smoothing the stress spikes people experience for thousands of years. It is this … Continue reading Feeling The Pressure?

Congratulations! You got to fail.

Failure. A pure blessing when I can see the beauty and heavy baggage when I can’t. It’s the thing I learn from the most. Failure: The times I fucked up. The times I missed the deadline to send the mail to the tax department. The times I said the wrong things to the people who … Continue reading Congratulations! You got to fail.

Tell your story through Instagram

    Instagram has become a part of my daily life. And what a weird sequence of words to watch myself write. Over the past few years, thousands of people decided to follow along with me on this little app you scroll through when you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Thousands of … Continue reading Tell your story through Instagram