Soon after coming back home from Scandinavia, we "jumped" straight into the winter, to shot some photos and video for Slovenian footwear brand Alpina. We had so much fun! The location where the shooting took place was in Soča valley, which in my opinion owns one of the most magical sceneries I’ve seen so far! We … Continue reading Chapter 3: FROM SUMMER TO WINTER


For this post play THAT song in the background.           I followed the sun (or my agent to be precise) to the land of people who look pretty much like myself. I booked a ticket and flew directly to Stockholm’s fashion week which took place in the beginning of September. I spent … Continue reading Chapter 2: FOLLOW THE SUN

Chapter 1: NEW

Hey you guys! (While reading this I suggest you play THAT SONG in a background) I've been thinking a lot lately where to go with this blog, since my path obviously led me to totally different roads. I kind of came to the conclusion that I love writing and that I still feel that there … Continue reading Chapter 1: NEW