Chapter 1: NEW

Hey you guys!
(While reading this I suggest you play THAT SONG in a background)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately where to go with this blog, since my path obviously led me to totally different roads. I kind of came to the conclusion that I love writing and that I still feel that there is so much to say/write or generally just show in some way.

A lot has happened and much more has changed, but that’s so freaking good, isn’t it? I had a plan, determinated vision and I wanted to stick to that so bad… But guess what –

Life is laughing while you’re making plans –

and so every time when I’m rigid about my decisions I kind of knock on the doors that are not really mine.

They say that you repeat the exact same test for as long as you don’t get the message or at least for as long as you are willing to suffer and not truly surrender. When you think that you’ve surrendered enough – do it even more. Create the momentum, practice catching and releasing and fake it until you really become it. Tap and tune baby, it’s all in that freakin’ charisma which you dress in every morning straight after opening your eyes.

And so I let my life to unfold in the magical way. Kinda scared, since I am all new to all these projects that are thrown directly at me – but hey, life loves me way too much and knows when it’s time to switch to the lighter version of pressure.

So baby girl (or maybe boy :P), do you want to see what’s cooking?

I’ve decided to show you much more than ever before – what’s behind the scene of a different modelling projects that I work on, how I stay on track with my healthy body status (on which I’m madly proud), what we eat, where we travel (for work or just pleasure), what I do, when I’m not on a job,…

To be honest  – you’ll basically just scroll through photos and through time get the whole picture. I on the other hand will be happy and satisfied because creating a proper visual diary is something I’m aiming at for quite some time now.

Let’s jump in!

(Featured Image by amazing Luka Svetič)


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