Chapter 4: LONDON & CO.

I was listening to this while writing captions… maybe you should too ;)

I love creating visual diaries like that (specially because I can send them to my mom, since she hates traveling but loves seeing pictures :)). However, for me scrolling through all of them reminds me that life treats me amazingly since I dissolved from a control freak and turnt into a hippie witch.

Either it’s a job, casting calls or just inner voice who is screaming to be heard,… I recently got to travel to these amazing places and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Universe, you hear me? :) I really appreciate that!

Disclaimer: Sorry for the pretty bad resolution of the photos, but the majority of them was taken right before the sunset and my sweet broken phone tried really hard to get this as an end result ;).

Of course you must take a freakin’ picture when you spot a turquoise bus. It was probably from France tho… :)


London Eye. I liked it (obvsyl!)


Oh, look at you gorgeous! Matching with London eye and looking posh as you are (not)! :)


Still feeling like it’s sweater-weather. London treated us well for the first few hours. We were freezing later porsupuesto :)


We spent our evenings like typical tourists would. I loved it tho.


“Hey mom, I’m still sober & doing super good”- kind of photo :)


That one night when our lovely friend Alex (from Greece! :) ) took us for dinner. That’s what we’ve got served… #modeldiet


St. Pauls Cathedral (1.)


St. Pauls Cathedral (2.) – we’ve got to speak with few angels afterwards :)


well yea, but not really :)


I imagined seeing some familiar faces up there :)


After smelling the new L’occitane fragrance. A bit stoned probably :)


I love that one because I look like a freakin’ Micky Mouse! <3 :)


When Alex left the city, we returned to more balanced diet :D


A drink full of healthy mushrooms which turned to be great aphrodisiacs as well :D #ohooou


Anotha’ typical sunset picture from the Oxford circus


I could be the author of that.


That’s how Tajson & Urzl travel the world together.


My lovely favorite human, thank you for showing me your world & for being brave enough to swipe away the dust to introduce all fresh and pure experiences! #weProud


Courage over comfort. Always.


Mushroom-latte recipe :)))))






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