Chapter 9: DON’T QUIT

Guys, how do you plan to staying on track this year?

Here are some tips that I find highly recommended when it comes to taking care of my body:

  • I believe that It’s a privilege to move your body. Be kind to it and it will be kind to you.

  • It’s okay to have an “off” day, just don’t make it an “off” week. It’s crazy how quickly we can form a bad habit.

  • Physical performance means nothing if mentally you’re not engaged. Don’t just go through the motions! You have to be intentional and committed for reasons beyond physical results.

  • Work with like minded people – the accumulative energy is contagious.

  • Learn to love the process and be patient with your body and your progress! It’s so much better when you earn it!

  • Try foam rolling!! :)



Not specific enough? O.K. here you have some more specific tips that I invited in my life and performed a great change afterwards :)

  • I try to train 5 times a week (2 rest days, usually for the weekend)

  • I Love HIIT sessions and I do them for about 20-25min, followed by some bodyweight exercises and that’s it! :)

  • I experiment with different group sessions  (I am obsessed with latin dance class lately)

  • I try to drink 2-4L of water, green tea or fresh juice each day.

  • I prepare my own meals mainly having high fat, high protein and some carbs in form of vegetables.

  • I train fasted if I do cardio sessions, because I love doing them in the morning.

  • I eat out once or twice a week (Huge difference compared to times when I ate out for every single day!)

  • I don’t mind intermittent fasting although I’m not committed to this meal strategy.

  • I try to choose healthy options but I do treat myself to a dessert now & again :)

  • When I travel I tend to eat less food and after I come back I need few extra caloric days to get my energy back on track. I am extremely energetic person and I hate the feeling of tiredness. 

  • I always try to get a good night sleep (7h min.)

  • –> And ofc I’ll try to keep doing all these things all year around :)

Sounds like a perfect New Years resolutions plan to you? Feel free to copy it in your notes and start performing your best in 2018. :)




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