I am water soft enough to offer life tough enough to drown it away. - rupi kaur Before I moved to this amazing winter wonderland, I attended one super nice workshop, created for women and women only. It was actually more than needed, since I kind of overworked through the whole January… I was really … Continue reading CHAPTER 12: YING & YANG

CHAPTER 11: SUW-O-W! (Slo)

Postavljena sem bila pred izziv. Baje so naredili avto, ki naj bi pokril vse plati mojega lajfa. Nekajkrat sem ga že srečala na cesti in priznam - zaradi njegovega izgleda, sem se dejansko obrnila prek ramena. Kako pa novi kompaktni SUV Citroën C3 Aircross pokrije moje potrebe dinamičnega lajfa pa sem lahko stestirala, ko se … Continue reading CHAPTER 11: SUW-O-W! (Slo)

Chapter 10: FULL (BloodBlue) MOON CONVERSATION

(While you’re reading these words, listen to that song.)   There is this place where time doesn't exist, where everything is floating, where judgement is not welcomed and the only thing that moves me is my breath. I have these rare and precious moments where I dive into this place inside of me and it's so … Continue reading Chapter 10: FULL (BloodBlue) MOON CONVERSATION