I am water
soft enough
to offer life
tough enough
to drown it away.
– rupi kaur


Before I moved to this amazing winter wonderland, I attended one super nice workshop, created for women and women only. It was actually more than needed, since I kind of overworked through the whole January… I was really goal driven and by the end of the month I felt sick and had no energy whatsoever.

I knew that this attitude is not natural to me so the workshop came in perfect timing. We’ve been introduced to sensual meditation through pole dancing and it was A M A Z I N G!

Since then, I’ve been figuring how to celebrate my feminine divinity more and dive deeply into my soft side. Stepping into the feminine energy means connecting more with your emotions, connecting with your body, and connecting with your intuition.

We all host female and male energies in ourselves but with a very yang driven society we forget about the strength in softness, in the receiving and in the nurturing. This man-ish energy definitely has its place, but when there is no balance, it leads to war, destruction, a lack of compassion, inequality, segregation, egomania, and a rejection of the intuitive power that we all have within.

I’ve suppressed and ignored my feminine energy in form of surrendering and letting go. I related it to pain and exposing myself so that I could easily be hurt.

But then we have these perfect Lunar Eclipses. They are turning points. They always put you where you need to be. They always guide you in the right direction and they always reveal to you exactly what you need to know for where you are heading. They are points of rebirth, they are points of highly concentrated feminine energy, and all of this allows us to go within and work out our highest truth.

I had to keep up that toughness in front to survive through January… But in the end I realised that I can’t sustain like this: it’s all a balance of a sun and the moon – neither can exist without the other.

So dear ladies, dive into your feminine or yin energy.

Be more:

intuitive, nurturing, soft, reflective, watery, creative, ∀rtistic, innovative, entrepreneurial, intelligent, communicative, resourceful, compassionate,  and organized

Greetings from beautiful and peaceful Zell am See! <3



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