Welcome to Weißsee Glacier World, a real paradise for ski tourers.

(all photos by Wout van de Donk)


Yes, I definitely do realize that I am freaking lucky to discover places like that. I know that we don’t choose where we are born, but we can choose where we are going to travel. And even though this little village close to Zell am See was my home for about two weeks, I wanted to explore my “neighborhood” a bit more.

So we asked the locals for advice and went for the closest and obviously the best option around…

screenshot road Zell-Weisssee

We parked at the bottom of the cable car and at first thought that the resort is closed due to the strong wind. Well it turned out that this resort is used to the extreme conditions so we bought ski passes and jumped straight to the top.

_DSC3088-Edit_DSC3187-EditThe conditions were a bit sketchy, since the blasts of cold air were constantly swapping down from the mountain and left us with completely frozen flesh and bones. Despite that, we somehow managed to spend about 2h hiking around. The amount of happiness I felt was immeasurable and I stepped of that mountain with a huge smile and more importantly, heart filled with another amazing experience.


The resort was selected as Austria’s best ski touring resort, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The massive area around the Sonnblick, Granatspitze and Hocheise offers a numerous lengthy touring opportunities amongst amazing (Instagram friendly :)) surroundings and the 3000+ metre peaks.

We obviously hadn’t have any idea where we were heading and now, sitting back home and planning the next trip, I feel really silly for not bringing my ski touring gear with me that day. We are definitely coming back by the end of this month and these are some nice touring ideas we will probably go for.


There’s probably not much more to add here. I hope this post inspires and encourages you to go outside and fill your lungs with some fresh mountain air!

Till next time…



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