Showing your homeland to someone who’s visiting it for the first time can be quite a bit of a challenge. My friends know that I’m the biggest homie when it comes to Slovenia and that I always want to show everything to those who are here only for the visit. I just love, love, LOOOOVE my country. I find it beautiful, safe, friendly and I kinda adore the fact that there’s not too many tourists around.  Luckily we’ve got almost 3 weeks for fun and exploring and I think we’ve spent them as efficient as possible.

I must say I really enjoyed the role of being a tourist guide to this human. We’ve got to visit some mainstream but cool places, climbed few mountains for sunrises and a sunset and enjoyed my hometown Ljubljana which was a proper show off in this summer-ish weather.

Here’s only a glimpse of places we’ve visited and a bit of a reword of thoughts I’m always saying.

I know I’m a lucky girl and I’m forever grateful at the same time! But you have as many options as Beyonce, or at least, as many as I have.

Everyday is truly a new beginning. A new chance to change, a chance to forgive, to love, to be present, to be you. Who-ever YOU want to be. Everyday you are in charge of making your own decisions. Decisions in thoughts, in words, in writing, in actions,…
We all want to make the best decisions we can for ourselves and someday that’s harder than others. In the last few months, my life has taken some major turns including some super hard decisions. I’m here today though, happy, unsure about what’s coming, but forever hopeful for the future. You can always take the easy way out and give up but true strength comes from pushing forward no matter what the circumstances are.

Wanna see what we’ve seen? Be my guest & take a scroll :)



Vršič pass


Mountains around Vršič pass


Lake Jasna


Climbing some mountains in the middle of the night…


And capturing the sunrise on top of mountain Viševnik (2050m)


Triglav seems to be so close from here


Returning back home for breakfast :)


No bad weather for photography (Soča valley)


Boka waterfall


Sunrise behind mountain Kladivo (2094m)


Mountain goat Woutch


As mainstream as it gets – Bled


Sunset on Nanos


Ursh Ljubljaning


The most usual, indecisive pose I take about 100 times per day



Hope you found some inspiration for upcoming holidays! And remember: You will not get anywhere exciting by sitting around and waiting for the excitement to knock on your doors. Sometimes you just simply have to make the first move, pack you mountain gear and find the inspiration on the highway. Just don’t hesitate, make a decision and take this God damn first move!







Oh man, what a month! We’ve collected a lot of crazy memories and travelling back to Weißsee was definitely one of them. It was such a fulfilling and memorable experience. Wout was playing with his camera again and I was more or less just enjoying in the short weekend I got to reconnect with nature. I call it balanced life and I guess I shouldn’t complain about it AT ALL.

Wanna see some photos from the top?

Be my G U E S T <3



(& of course you can read more about this place in my previous post)