= In nutrigenomics, using nutrition to hack (take control of) human biology

… Because sometimes, a single phrase can change your life…

That happened to me in the beginning of September 2017, on a trip to Stockholm, when I was introduced to Bulletproof coffee and the term ‘biohacking’.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, biohacking is the idea of using the best tools that modern science has to offer to become the absolute strongest, healthiest, and most kick ass version of yourself.

Needless to say, I became instantly hooked by this concept and at first I pretty much made a slow transition to the ‘Bulletproof’ way of life… and I’ve literally never felt healthier and stronger.

I am a recovered carb-addict, since I was pretty much for the whole life eating vegetarian and vegan diet. I am one of those people that feel super good without meat but super bad without fat. I went from vegetarian to pescatarian and then a short period of being a full blown vegan. My body didn’t know what was going on in there! I lost my period (and my mind). My moods were up and down and round and round. Because of my hormonal imbalance, I also experienced weight gain, mood swings, depression, severe digestive issues, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, constant cravings for sugar and carbs, and insomnia — all signs of full-blown hormonal imbalance. Looking back, I realise it was a total reflection of my internal state — I was severely unhealthy and unhappy and it was manifesting through a lot of aspects of my life. And the worst thing was it totally crushed my confidence and left me feeling depressed.

The scary part about what I have just described is that none of this is uncommon. I see it all the time with my friends, family and random girls. And the sad thing is they’ve come to accept feeling blah as being ‘normal’ and have forgotten what it’s actually like to feel vibrant, vital, and good inside their own skin.

There are a heap of contributing factors as to why more and more women are experiencing troubled skin and hormonal imbalance, such as stress, diet, environmental factors and other health issues… But just because some people are content to settle for feeling blah, it doesn’t mean you have to. And just because you might be struggling right now with your health and wellness, it doesn’t mean that it will always be a struggle.


(ph.: Saša Hess, Cirkus LLC)

Health is a journey, there is no destination. I am still on my path to wellness and I will be for as long as I am on this Earth. I am still learning and fine tuning what’s right for me and my body and undoing years and years of torture that I put my body through.

The truth is, you can nourish your body with delicious real food and feel good in the process. You can create kick-ass vibrant health that has you glowing from the inside out. And you can learn how to honour your temple in the sacred, meaningful way that your body and soul have been crying out for… You just need to know how.

Wanna know what’s daily on my plate?

Granted, we’re talking here about the healthy stuff in general, all those mono-saturated and omega-3 rich sources, the middle chain triglycerides — the fatty fats that actually do the body good are no exception.

So, here is a quick lesson before we get into it: All fats are not created equal. Unfortunately, most of the fats in the modern diet live in the lower, unhealthy spectrum of totem pole. Saturated fats and trans fats are the problem children, causing heart clogging, disease, and those dreaded cholesterol spikes. These naughty fats are found in things like dairy, beef, and bacon, as well as in packaged treats and fast food.
On the other hand, there should be a spoonful of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which actually are instrumental in controlling weight, lowering cholesterol, and even keeping us in a good mood. These good fats are found in a plethora of delicious treats — things we all enjoy but may have been foolishly avoiding because the age-old horse-phooey about a low-fat diet being healthy.

Here are some super sleek choices for eating fatty the vegan way (that is to say knowledgeably and healthfully):

1. Seeds

Seeds are absolutely delicious accouterments to all sorts of stuff — salads, sweets, and breads — or just nice by the handful. Saviseeds are actually the highest source of omega-3 on the planet. Also, following closely behind on the omega-3 bandwagon are super food celebrities like hemp and chia seeds. Even sunflower seeds, a good provider of monounsaturated fats, are on the list of fatty foods we should be eating.

Omega fats are a bit of a byword these days. The skinny on them is that we should try to have a balanced amount of omega-3 and omega-6, but that balance is horribly askew. What should be one-to-one is actually closer to one-to-fifteen, respectively, in the average person. In other words, the word omega doesn’t necessarily mean you should eat more.

2. Nuts

Nuts are probably the best thing going for straight up snacking. They are filling, unlike potato chips, and they are healthy, unlike potato chips. Nuts are a great source of vegan protein, but just as relevant, they are a plant-based gold mine in monounsaturated fats, thereby reducing the risk of heat disease. The top nutty providers of the good stuff are walnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is fantastic to cook with because not only does it have a distinctively delicious flavour, but it also handles whatever temperatures are thrown its way. The stuff can get hot and just keep on going. As for fats, it once was degraded for having high levels, but scientists have recently discovered that coconut oil is a great source of medium chain triglycerides, which turn to fuel in the liver and forgo stomach storage, unlike butter.

4. Avocados

Avocados are simply delicious in whatever form they come: guacamole, the half shell, or even chocolate mousse. Yes, they’re fatty, but luckily for us avocado lovers, we can fall back on the old “good fat” argument. Avocados are packing monounsaturated, a healthy trait.
Don’t settle for just guacamole. Avocados are extremely versatile and can be used for salty sides as well as creamy desserts.

5. Cacao Nibs

The good news is out, and don’t ignore it: chocolate, when done right, is a health food. But not to deceive, cacao nibs are not the sugary, milk-laden candy bars separating check-out lines, but they are chocolate. Dark delicious chocolate, packed with anti-oxidants and, what’s that, good monounsaturated fat. That’s right, chocolate fights cancer and helps with cholesterol. It’s a great source of the fats and nutrients we need, but we just need to stop ruining it with our additions.

Well guys, hope this helps at least a tinny little bit. Knowing that even those who have perfect Insta-life do struggle and have some severe health issues is probably good for the community in general. However, I definitely “biohacked” my life quite well sofar and I’m planning to become master of that in the future :)))))

Happy weekend!





(ph.: Saša Hess, Cirkus LLC)



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