Let’s talk about money

People who say they never think about money are one of two things: a liar, or rich.

So let’s just ask ourselves: How is our relationship with money right now?

I must admit, I have these limited beliefs from my childhood and recently I realised that I was still holding onto my parents philosophy around money. You see, my parents didn’t come from abundance. They both worked really hard to provide my sisters and me with a different experience to what they had.

However, all this hustle, led me to believe that you had to work extremely hard to get a solid amount by the end of the month. Mum and Dad hustled their hearts out, and this planted a seed in my mind that that’s ‘just what you have to do’… even if it’s at the detriment of your own health and happiness.

But this never felt as if it’s truthful to me as well. I always thought that there must be a better way and that’s why I kinda started earning my own money on a super unconventional way. I believe you should never get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life, although that’s something I’m still struggling with. It can feel challenging to make these kind of changes — especially when you’ve had twenty-five years of conditioning deeply ingrained into you like I had. But somehow it does get easier, and the more you practice your own ways, the easier it becomes. Just like everything else, it’s a metaphorical muscle that gets strengthened with use and your job is to strengthen it daily.

U London 28

ph: Saša Hess in collab. w/ Sport2People

“Thanks to the science of quantum physics, we know that everything in the Universe — including ourselves — is made up of waves of vibrating particles. Everything is energy. From the device, you are reading off right now, to what you are sitting on, to the objects that surround you. Matter is just energy that has been slowed down enough for it to take form and become visible to us. So if that is the case, then money is not the only form of currency we can use in exchange for something we value.”

At one time, people used shells as their unit of exchange for something they liked. So money doesn’t have to be our only form of exchange. BUT (and this is a big BUT), in order for you to truly value and appreciate something, there has to be some form of energetic exchange.

For example, if your friend is a personal trainer and has offered to give you free training sessions just because it’s good for you, in exchange you should help her with her social media for example. That way not only will you both value what you are receiving, but it’s a fair energetic exchange and resentment won’t build. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as there is a fair energetic exchange. Think of the skills you have and how you can be of service to others.

But yeah, that’s just my philosophy that made my life way easier and nicer. And it’s the same with you, specially when it comes to money and things around it. What’s true for you is actually none of anyone else’s business. (And always remember this: opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got them.)

So let’s just steer by our hearts and we will always be going in the right direction.


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