My 15 power statements

Today is a pretty special day. I had some amazing conversations with my boy and they made me think about the type of impact I want to leave in the world, what kind of contribution do I want to give to the community in general. It actually is something I’ve never pondered before.

So, I am sitting here writing and what is emerging is a list of powerful statements. I like it so much that I want to share it with you in the hopes that it inspires you to stop, go inward and create your own. You can use mine as inspiration, if you feel like it rings your bells!

  1. Be a nice human. Always.
  2. Treat everyone and all things with respect.
  3. Love yourself and be your own best friend.
  4. You know yourself best; You are your own guru. Love your body, move your body and nourish your body the way you feel you wanna do it.
  5. Smiling and laughing change the biochemistry in our cells and make us feel good.
  6. Life flows when we flow.
  7. Act in integrity, always!
  8. Trust life.
  9. The getting is in the giving.
  10. The world doesn’t benefit from us playing small.
  11. Abundance in all areas of our life is truly possible.
  12. Yoga is a great tool. Use it daily.
  13. To serve is why we are here. Serve. Serve. Serve.
  14. The present is in presence.
  15. Enjoy your own company.

Hope you guys find these inspirational and beneficial as well! And thanks for the support! I love to see that you’re staying on track with me and reading the lines that I’ve been chewing over and over in my head for a while and now with this challenge actually introduced them to the world.


U London 8

ph: Saša Hess (Cirkusart)

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