Tell your story through Instagram



ph: Wout Van de Donk


Instagram has become a part of my daily life. And what a weird sequence of words to watch myself write.

Over the past few years, thousands of people decided to follow along with me on this little app you scroll through when you’re in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Thousands of eyes chose to include my content in what they want to see.

I am flattered that people like my photos, but what matters to me is the story. And that somehow, that story teaches someone something, or asks someone a question they’ve been asking themselves but didn’t have the words for.

→ I want to talk about life.

→ I want to talk about the people and places that have changed me.

→ I want to talk about what made me feel something so hard my face turned red and the hair on my arms stood up like I was about to be struck by lightning.


Because that stuff is electric.

It is.

Not just in feeling, but in the way it moves through you and anyone you touch.


I want to give you something to think about, about your journey, the path you are on and where you have come from.

I want to give you something to smile about, something to cry about, something to assure you that you are understood. That you are not alone.



ph: Wout Van de Donk



Words and images are how I choose to tell my story right now, but I live it every day.
That’s just me.


You may use social media as an escape, and if you do, I want you to ask yourself why. You may not think you have a message. Find out what inspires you instead. And if you then have something to say, say it.

Use your platform, whatever the size, for something you believe in.

Tell your story, the one that brought you to this point. You choose the medium. Those who matter want to see it through your eyes.

So Instagram is an app. So it lives just on our phones, on these little devices that keep us plugged into so many things that don’t really fundamentally matter. So whatever you are saying, make it matter.

And have the courage to say something.

Because our world is rapidly changing at every moment, and it needs you to speak up for what makes you feel most alive.

What is the story you are telling?

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