Congratulations! You got to fail.


Failure. A pure blessing when I can see the beauty and heavy baggage when I can’t.
It’s the thing I learn from the most.

Failure: The times I fucked up. The times I missed the deadline to send the mail to the tax department. The times I said the wrong things to the people who matter the most. But I own it. Because even when it’s hard, it’s teaching me.
Failure is overspending on trivial things and prioritizing badly and getting stuck in circles where I judge myself over and over again. Maybe none of it is failure objectively, but to me, it couldn’t have been anything else.
So congratulations to me– I mean that truly and I mean it fully. I got to fail. I got to fail so many times.

But you know what? We have the opportunity every day. You get to wake up every day and try. You get to try and fall flat on your face. You get to experiment.

Mess up hard, learn hard.

Say the wrong thing? Learn to apologize.

Get rejected? Make “no” an opportunity.

Don’t like who you have become? Re-invent.

Not fulfilled by your past? Invest in the excitement of your future.

Feel like you’ve done nothing? Choose something instead.

Get hurt? Choose how much you harden because of it– hopefully, you choose softness instead.

You get to hurt so you can love.

You get to struggle so you can learn.


Choose today. Choose to know that everyone is living out their stories the best way they know how to. Choose yours, choose your impossible fight, built specifically for you and presented to at your feet.

This is all for you. It’s all available. It’s yours, so take it and make something with it. Something that scares you, something bigger than you know how to define. Because failure is a wise teacher– one that helps you sta.rt a new chapter as often as you want to risk for it. So congratulations. You get to fail.


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