My Ayurvedic morning routine

The most recent Circadian Medicine research suggests that human genes have lost the ability to perceive and stay in tune with the circadian rhythms of nature. (1)

Which to me, totally makes sense. We live super fast-paced lifestyles and we are constantly surrounded with endless distractions which make us even more disconnected with our true self. And I’m not talking spiritually, I’m more relating this topic to physical body and having the ability to listen to the sound of our own heart.
The disconnection from the circadian rhythms is called chronodisruption.

Chronodisruption has been linked to a host of health concerns, including poor cognitive function, mood disorders, sleep disorders, diabetes, obesity, daytime sleepiness, reduced school performance, reduced driving reaction time, substance abuse, heart disease and some cancers. (2)

The practitioner that thought me the most about reconnecting with myself came from Ayurvedic background. I must admit that at that time I definitely wasn’t connected with my body and I let it rush all over the place, constantly loosing stuff and feeling that being super disciplined is the only way to go. But of course, the worst was was the feeling of overheating that I had in my body and I was experiencing an intense weight gain/loss game which in the end resulted with thyroid malfunction.

I still have the drive but I’ve got my body back and in this post I’m gonna cover the best daily rutine that we created and that definitely works for me  p e r f e c t l y!

This morning routine can become very elaborate, so I have listed the basics that I usually cover every day:

(I’m Vata-Pitta type of person/body so this is what suits me best when it comes to esteblisishing perfect life for an overthinking, overdriven, overdisciplined, over-over-over…-personality I have.)


  • Arising early in the morning, preferably before the sunrise
  • Drinking a large glass of warm lemonade (I put collagen in this one as well)
  • Waking up with a cold shower
  • Scraping my tongue with a copper tongue scraper (stimulates digestion and elimination) – I’m not really keen to this one yet
  • Oil pulling (I sometimes do this while I’m showering)
  • Washing my teeth
  • Monkey Mind Journaling (I’m still impressed with the outcome that this one has on my brain) –> Heard about this one here for the first time and after did my own little research on google :)
  • Basic To-Do List (sometimes I start filling it up while writing in the first journal)
  • 10-15min of morning yoga session, followed with a brisk exercises (Perfect if you can do the exercises while performing nasal breathing) –> exercising is most optimal in the morning, between 6am and 10am, when the body is in its Kapha phase and at its strongest physically (3)
  • 5-10min of breathing exercise (they call it pranayama)
  • 5-10min od meditation (I’m going to cover this in the next post where I’m gonna write about the technique that literally changed my life)
  • BREAKFAST (According to my Vata-Pitta body type)

… And then I start with my regular work day which is a mixture of running from one casting to another, a lot of emails, meetings and writings. I will probably have my lunch somewhere between 1 and 2 p.m. if possible and then work a bit more till 5 p.m., preferably not longer.
In the afternoon I usually experience some funky feelings which can sometimes result in forgetting and loosing stuff all over the place – logical consequence if you work behind the computer screen for the majority of the day. That’s usually the time of the day when I go for a nice walk in the forest or a quick longboard session to the city centre. If possible I will call up my bestie and sometimes do a nice meditation session which is super nice as well. I just need to do some calming things to restore my over-active nervous system.


This routine always brings me back to the place where I can easily reconnect with myself and start feeling the rhythms of mother nature. It’s funny how people tend to forget about simple things that can make life so easy! Do your own research and find what works for you best!




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