No Sun = No Fun

I’m this girl that will always wear bright collors. White or yellow hoodies, yellow bikinis, yellow headbands,… I feel as if I need to bring some light to places that haven’t seen the proper sunlight for a longer period of time. And by that I mostly reffer to cities.


Happy banana wearing banana-ish sweater from S<3nian brand

Actually, fifty thousand years ago, humans lived predominately in climates around the equator. Clothing was minimal and sun exposure was constant. And that’s where my body obviously got stuck.

As we migrated north, we endured sunless winters, wore more clothes and adapted to living indoors – away from the sun. So today, we live, sleep, eat and drive indoors away from the vitamin D-rich UVB sun rays. In Ljubljana, where I live, sunrays simply do not exist from November through March, making these months an emotional endurance event for me and many others. Studies have shown that seasonal mood disturbances and feeling low in the winter months is often found to have a connection with low serotonin levels, which may be related to lack of sunlight.

About ten years ago, researchers discovered that people who live in climates where natural sun exposure was the greatest experienced greater longevity!

When it comes to health, I just want to feel energetic, vital, focused and have a massive drive towards my goals. I want my brain to be sharp and I want to feel this amazing flow, where everything seems to be achievable. And I admit, I lost that. Completely. So I packed my essentials and drove South… to Croatia. Thinking that maybe some sun could have helped me regain my powers back…



This place is pure ZEN!

So of course, Ursh hammered the sun exposure on her very first day. Being totally mind-blown from the beauty of the place where I stay, and actually extremely tired from everything that has been going on around me lately… I fell asleep and got sunburned as f*** (pardon my French amigos :) ). I am lucky to have a bit darker skin, so hopefully I’ll get a nice-brown skin in the next days.

But of course, first aid kit when it comes to sunburned skin is a proper cosmetic product (or few of them). I’m lucky to have Loccitane backed me up for the last couple of months and honestly this cosmetic brand is a big help for me to keep the “backstage” game strong. I love it and even though it’s not a secret that we built a nice collaboration, I always recommend their products to my family and friends as well.


So this is my happy face, regaining back some serious strengths, and putting serums, gels and creams all over my face. I’ll definitely let you guys know how it works, but one thing is for certain: My roommates (sporty boys, who spend the majority of the day surfing or mountain biking) are already stealing some products from me!

Talk to you soon!

Hugs from the island <3


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