3 Decisions to Make Today


I am usually all about positivity and productivity. I’ve consciously decided that I’m gonna focus on it and create my reality around these good feelings. But I don’t wake up every day with those thoughts automatically programmed into my brain. I don’t wake up every day motivated to make the most of the day when I have the worst migrene and I’m not even in my home country at the time. I don’t wake up every day wanting to run in the forest or go for a looong bike ride and take 100 photos along it. Some days, the stoke lies in wanting to stay in bed aaaaall damn day and feeling like I’m bad at pretty much everything.

So for these days I came up with 3 things that add a bit of a juicey vibes in the melancholic state, although you can practice them ANY DAY (but especially when you feel like crap).


Listen to your thoughts, embrace the feelings around them and ban the negative ones in a structured way. A thought like “I am not good enough,” or “I will never get this done” will not help you be better, however, there’s definitely a reason why a thought like that appeared. Notice the thought, try to find the underlying feeling, find the opposite feeling and say BYEEEEE to this whole mess that is usually overwhelming and a complete BS. Eliminate negative thoughts from your brain. They are not allowed, kick them out. Slowly move toward replacing them with a positive or productive thought.

2. GSD = 4 get shit done!

Start with minor steps.

  1. Take a shower! Add a bit of –ing and use Vim Hoffs method of at least 15sec of a cold shower.
  2. Get dressed!
  3. Drink a glass of lemon water!

I keep a list of projects I want to accomplish. When I hear myself being negative or unproductive, I force myself to do something on the list, even though I reeeally don’t want to. I feel better 100% of the time once I get something done.

Whether it is making an appointment, sending an email, cleaning, taking out the recycling… whatever, doing SOMEthing gets the ball rolling. You don’t have to run a marathon. Just do something. And respond to every single thing that comes along the way.


What does that mean to you? Think about what will feel good for your body and mind. And do that. For me, my morning routine is non-negotiable:

It all starts with getting out of bed quite early (in the summer time before 6 a.m.), yoga with at least 20min of meditation, finished with some visualisation, a cold shower, hydrating skincare routine, eating a huge healthy meal, drinking a ton of water, writing in my journal, sitting in the sun, dancing my ass off and playing with my dog. Maybe it’s totally different for you.

Do what makes you feel good, worthy of love/success, and supported. YOU should be your #1 fan before anybody else. And if you don’t currently love yourself, ask yourself what changes you can make to head in that direction. Be kind to yourself.

Feeling bad from time to time is normal. Bad days are normal.

Making the most of every day is important ESPECIALLY when that day doesn’t involve a new country or a gorgeous face who I love to wake up to. Then, when you do have that inevitable bad day while on the road, you’ll be prepared to tackle it. To look it square in the eye and make the best of it anyway.

These three decisions, any day, anytime.



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