BOL, the ultimate escape

There’s this island in Croatia that always leaves me speechless… It’s called Brač and the lovely town where I love to spend my time is named Bol.

I went on a solo trip this time. I just needed some time to regain my strengths and fill my cup with zero-planning days. Even though I was contemplating between visiting my human in Austria and going to the coast, I decided that some iodine infusion is probably way better idea. And beside that, I knew that visiting nice old fellas from Uni, Šime & Seba, would be the best idea possible! They are two extra active guys who always make sure that every day is fun and different.

After two days of acclimatisation (took a while, I know) I finally found some strengths to start exploring around and take some photos.

I’m not gonna drag more words out… I’ll just leave you with some photos…


– disclaimer no.1: I’m not a professional photographer/videographer but I LOVE making memories and recording them on the way.
– disclaimer no.2: I found that end of May and beginning of June is the perfect time for going here. There’s not a lot of tourists and temperatures are still bearable.
– disclaimer no.3: How the F is it possible that it literally takes you about an hour to edit a short video like this one?! Technology, I love you!
– disclaimer no.4: Scroll to the bottom to see the video! :))))



For more information visit BigBlue SPORT Brač <3





Welcome to Weißsee Glacier World, a real paradise for ski tourers.

(all photos by Wout van de Donk)


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Chapter 4: LONDON & CO.

I was listening to this while writing captions… maybe you should too ;)

I love creating visual diaries like that (specially because I can send them to my mom, since she hates traveling but loves seeing pictures :)). However, for me scrolling through all of them reminds me that life treats me amazingly since I dissolved from a control freak and turnt into a hippie witch.

Either it’s a job, casting calls or just inner voice who is screaming to be heard,… I recently got to travel to these amazing places and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Universe, you hear me? :) I really appreciate that!

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For this post play THAT song in the background.


The Royal Palace – Sveriges Kungahus


Little My: A mischievous tomboyish little girl, who lives in the Moomin house and has a brave, spunky personality. She likes adventure, but loves catastrophes, and often does mean things on purpose. She finds messiness and untidiness exciting and is very down to earth, when others aren’t.


Royal Dramatic Theatre



They invited some sun in the city. This way or another :)




Happy banana wearing this cute Kanken mini backpack. Order yours here:


Happy banana wearing banana-ish sweater from S<3nian brand BOO. Check them out on:


Espresso House <3



There’s no need to imagine that you’re wondrous beauty, because that’s what you are!




banana time smwhr above Stockholm


I followed the sun (or my agent to be precise) to the land of people who look pretty much like myself. I booked a ticket and flew directly to Stockholm’s fashion week which took place in the beginning of September. I spent the whole week there, mostly just seeing agencies, walking around the city and drinking coffee… looooooads of it to be honest. I adore their 6+ coffee/day culture, even though my heart (& blood pressure) disagree big time.

In a week I experienced a lot of sun, some rain and with that also pretty winter-ish vibes.
But I loved every single minute of it!


  • enjoyed getting lost in the city. Structured on 14 islands, Stockholm is a pretty tough cookie, even for the skilled scouts (as I narcissistically consider myself).
  • didn’t stress about leaving my umbrella at home, since there was too windy anyway.
  • was amazed at their looks – these people are straight dead gorgeous!
  • loved the healthy food offers! Pretty sure I lost some weight up there!


What’s next? I must say London, before winter kicks in! I’m planning a short trip to visit some agencies and enjoy some cosmopolitan vibe of the big city. Can’t wait to experience the market up there as well! Talk to you soon guys :)