What's the most important thing that you notice first when meeting a person? For me is about 50/50. 50 goes for eyes (they never lie baby :) ) and the other 50 definitely goes for a smile. That's why I am a big fan of retainers and whitening toothpastes and of course I own them … Continue reading Chapter 8: I REVIEWED MY SMILE


Happy 2018! In 2018 I challenge you to prioritize your greatest and most genuine relationship with yourself yet! If we can learn discipline, establish healthy routines and commit to following our <3s, we carry this behavior into all other areas of our life. So keep that in mind: Joy is your internal GPS Events + … Continue reading Chapter7: JOY IS YOUR INTERNAL GPS

Chapter 6: JUST KEEP SWIMMING   Read this carefully, because no truer words are going to be fucking written… You can do anything you want without limitation, whatever it is that you decide that you want to make come true in your life, you can do that. It is going to take an inhuman amount of work, you will … Continue reading Chapter 6: JUST KEEP SWIMMING

Chapter 5: OUTDOORSY

Hey guys! I’ve been doing a lot of jobs outdoors lately and it’s needless to say that this is the part of my job that I love the most! The team I shot with was from England and I really enjoyed watching their surprised faces when we were driving through the Soča valley. To be … Continue reading Chapter 5: OUTDOORSY

Chapter 4: LONDON & CO.

I was listening to this while writing captions... maybe you should too ;) I love creating visual diaries like that (specially because I can send them to my mom, since she hates traveling but loves seeing pictures :)). However, for me scrolling through all of them reminds me that life treats me amazingly since I … Continue reading Chapter 4: LONDON & CO.


Soon after coming back home from Scandinavia, we "jumped" straight into the winter, to shot some photos and video for Slovenian footwear brand Alpina. We had so much fun! The location where the shooting took place was in Soča valley, which in my opinion owns one of the most magical sceneries I’ve seen so far! We … Continue reading Chapter 3: FROM SUMMER TO WINTER